What is Tri Delta?

A home away from home...

Tri Delta is represented in hundreds of collegiate chapters throughout the US. Our Gamma Lambda chapter at UCSD is founded on a platform of leadership, perpetual bonds of friendship, and a womanly character. It is best described by its sisters as a "home away from home", a comfortable place where love, respect, and support can always be found.


"Our individual sisters are never defined by our chapter; rather, it is the quality and diversity of our sisters that define us."

Our Diverse Group

Our chapter contains women involved in all majors, various campus organizations, as well as representatives of UCSD's Student Councils and Associated Students. We have ladies pursuing careers as future doctors, lawyers, teachers, environmental and social advocates, conservationists, political leaders, and so much more. With an Officer's Council of over 20 sisters, our chapter provides many opportunities for leadership positions and involvement, helping our women grow and become strong leaders in their workplace and communities.


History of Tri Delta


Tri Delta was founded by women for women. Ours is a remarkable story, and Tri Delta is proud to share a sisterhood created by brave, bold and kind women who were looking to be themselves and belong to something bigger – something distinctive, something dynamic and something worthy of the best in them. Although there were three women's groups represented at Boston University in 1888, seniors Sarah Ida Shaw and Eleanor Dorcas Pond saw a need for a different organization that would "be kind alike to all and think more of the girl's inner self and character than of her personal appearance."

Symbols & Emblems

The coat of arms is a quartered shield, the first and fourth are blue with a silver trident, the second and third are gold with a green pine tree. The crest is a torse with six folds alternating gold and blue, topped with a pansy. Below the shield is a scroll with the Greek translation of our open motto, "Let us steadfastly love one another."

Using the Greek alphabet, the name Delta Delta Delta is depicted above. The Greek letter for delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and is commonly seen as an isosceles triangle.

The pansy is Tri Delta's flower. It is also a symbol of alumnae membership and the third step in the lifetime development of Delta Delta Delta's members.

The tree of Tri Delta is the pine tree. The pine is also a symbol of Tri Delta's collegiate members because it represents growth and lofty aspirations.

The jewel of Tri Delta is pearl. Because it is the only jewel that grows, developing from a tiny grain of sand into a thing of great value and beauty, it is a symbol of the Fraternity's new members.

Recognized as a good omen by the ancient Greeks, the dolphin is a symbol of clear skies and smooth sailing. It symbolizes rebirth, friendship and leadership. In Tri Delta, the dolphin has a particular significance for Fraternity leaders.